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Pediatric Cancer Predisposition Clinic

Many genetic syndromes predispose to the development of cancer in children and young adults. Children ages 18 or younger who have a diagnosis of an overgrowth syndrome condition listed on this website or have been diagnosed with cancer and have a blood reactive who has also been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 50 years old or younger are evaluated and followed at the newly established Pediatric Cancer Predisposition Clinic (PCPD Clinic). Individuals who fit either of these two criteria shoud be referred to the PCPD clinic by calling 310-206-6581 or faxing a referral to 310-206-8616.

The clinic offers a multi-disciplinary approach at the diagnosis, genetic evaluation, and cancer screening available for many of these conditions. Our staff includes oncologists, geneticists and genetic counselors that provide diagnostic genetic testing, counseling, and develop a personalized screening protocol for associated complications.

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